Welcome to the Flag - Ocei E Bolei Au

This is a flag of cannibal pirates on the Sage Ocean in the wonderful online game, Yohoho Puzzle Pirates.  Currently made up of one crew, Dua Na Bilo (Captain - Morkaleb), the flag name is Fijian meaning "Who dares challenge me/us".  This was a battle cry of warring cannibal tribes in the days before the islands were discovered by Europeans.  It is now often used between rival rugby teams.

The Queen of the flag is Bingomomma - Senior Officer and Lieutenant of Dua Na Bilo.  We welcome all our members to the flag and crews.  We hope you enjoy your stay with us and find us to be a fun-loving, generous bunch.  Friendship is most welcome in our flag and we hope to become friends with all of you.

We are and always will be, Bingomomma's wacky pack of island hoppers.

This flag was formed by the Monarch and Royals:  Bingomomma, Morkaleb, Kadavuchik and Kaikoro as a fun gathering place of like-minded pirates.  We are into pillying, carousing and just having general fun.  We try to avoid all the politics found in other flags and don't really care whether we own an island or not.  If we get bigger, we might try to take over an island and make it our own but no such plans are in our immediate future.

Links to our Crew Sites: